Creative Adventures in DIY Home Improvement

20571334_lYou know, no matter how much experience you might have in the realm of DIY home improvement the undertakings will never cease to be an adventure! That’s why so many DIYers seem to have an addiction to the craft. Every project offers a chance for endless possibilities! Here at DIY Adventures we hope to help you continue to see the thrill and or take a first-time chance on DIY and see where the path will take you. Of course, one of the biggest deterrents for many people is the illusion of expense. Even though home improvement tends to be associated with the idea of high cost in reality there’s a lot you can do with nothing more than a step-ladder and some elbow grease.

Start With The Appliances

One of the first things in a home that can make you feel out of date are dirty old appliances. Thing is, many fridges and stoves will keep working even when they don’t look new and posh. This my friends is where a little liquid stainless steel paint comes in handy. You didn’t even know it existed did you! You can update the appliances for less than fifty-bucks and feel like they’re brand new.

Consider Lighting

If a room doesn’t get enough light it can feel cramped, old, dirty and unwelcoming. Of course, if a room gets too much light i.e. banks of fluorescent light, it can seem sterile or overwhelming. It’s important to make sure you’re letting in the natural light during daytime hours and at night you want to make sure there’s enough light in the room that you can see clearly enough to read or talk to someone. Good news is, lighting is fairly cheap and you only need a couple good units to balance out a room.

Floors Are Fair Game

Couple enjoying coffee 126475073Continuing the theme of inexpensive and fresh here I’d enthusiastically suggest thinking outside the box when it comes to your floors. For example, many old kitchens suffer from dirty linoleum. While it can be relatively expensive to replace floors with new wood or vinyl it’s always going to be inexpensive to simply paint over a bad linoleum floor. You can paint it to look like tile or stone, you can of course do faux wood, OR you can get crazy and try out a pattern or stripes.


The first rule of home improvement adventures is to be creative… and brave!

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